How much wallpaper do I need?

How much wallpaper do I need?

Wallpaper adds colour, pattern, texture and interest to your home. Murtaghs have a vast range of wallpaper designs to suit any room.  You can choose from the large selection of wallpaper in stock or browse our library of wallpaper books.

After picking a wallpaper you love, the next question is, how much do I need? Estimating the number of rolls for your project is quite simple, with a bit of measuring and some math!

Wallpaper comes in various widths and lengths, so you will need to calculate the specific paper you have chosen.

Here come the sums!

To calculate how much wallpaper you’ll need –

  1. Measure the width and height of each of the walls you are going to paper. Include windows and doors, but you can exclude skirting boards and coving.
  2. Divide the total width of your walls by the width of your wallpaper; this will tell you the number of drops (strips of wallpaper) you need.
  3. Multiply the room’s height by the number of drops; this will give you the total length needed.
  4. Divide the total length needed by the length of the wallpaper roll, minus the pattern repeat. You will find the pattern repeat on the roll label or product information.
  5. Add at least 10% more paper to accommodate errors, trimming and awkward spots.
  6. For papers with a large or difficult-to-match pattern, you may need to order more paper to compensate for waste. (Ask in store for advice.)


  • Measure more than once to make sure you have the correct measurements.
  • Sketch the layout of our room and write the measurements on it.
  • Ensure all rolls are from the same batch, as colour or pattern can vary between batches. To do this, check the batch number printed on the label.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on using lining paper.
  • Save any leftover paper for potential future repairs.


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